About me / À propos de moi

Elayna's family

I joined YCG Trading Cards Game in January 2017 after found it on Sandy website!
What a wonderful discovery!

NAME: Hélène
NICKNAME: Elayna (into pixel world)
Birthday: August 1rst
HAIR: Cooper/Orange (Main) or Brown
EYES: Hazelnut
KIDS: Twin boy and girl (Maxime and Anne-Marie)
PETS: Goldfish named Kirk (Orange), Goldfish named Spock (Black with belly white) and a Snail named Scotty. So our aquarium is wording NCC-1701 in stencil on the cover.

LIVE: In Pronvince of Québec, Canada

Scifi (almost everything!), Steampunk, Fantasy
Retro gaming
History studies
Reading and Novels (classical)
Drawing, Painting, Pixeling
Crochet and Modeling clay
Bunnies, Guinea pigs and Hamsters
Hot chocolat and Tea
Neapolitan ice cream and Pastries
Blue, Forest Green, Purple, Burgundy, any velvet shading colors